Fall In Love With Your Purpose

August 2, 2016

Arise, walk through the land of promise.

Explore your future and define its ridges and edges.

See clearly where you want to be and what you were born to do.

Accept it.

Believe in it.

Fall in love with your mission, then infect the world with that love.

It amazes me how many people are seeking support without self belief. They feel awkward, tentative, unsure, timid.

If you don’t believe in your own life’s purpose, who will?

A winner’s creed has a beautiful and definite ring to it:

I am in love with my mission. And I will make you love it too.

Do you know what you’re about?

And are you crazily in love with it?

We will support only those who support themselves.



Be great.

Be well.


Be More Deliberate

July 31, 2016

The older we get, the more we will realise that we are not meant to be in all things, with all people.

Giving is wonderful and sacrifice is good. But no one is designed for perpetual, unrequited sacrifice.

Failure hurts. But it hurts in some areas more than others. We should not risk failure in things we should not even be doing in the first place.

If we fail in our path of purpose, it would not be a complete loss, for the lessons learnt would be useful in the forward direction.

This teaches me to be more discerning; to be more deliberate; to be conscious about where my feet are planted and where my seeds are sown.

No one life is infinitely elastic. Time is our greatest resource.

Your time is an asset. Invest it in those things in which you’re most engaged.

Whether you do it for money, for love or for God, remember to put purpose first and get your feet firmly planted in the areas where the harvest will matter, and where the time invested will improve your core gifting.

Time is an asset. Invest it in those areas where you are most talented.

Become even greater by being more deliberate and by saying NO to things and people that don’t aid your life purpose.

Be well.

Be focussed.

Be great.

Get Lifted

July 29, 2016

Believe it or not, I learned this simple melody while I slept, in the midst of some of the toughest pressures I ever faced. It brought sunshine into my soul and the clouds began to clear.

Probably the simplest melody I ever wrote, but there is a bounce to it, a hopefulness, a power!

So I went to record it, because I needed to hear it over and over. I wrote it for me, and things started to turn.

The best time to sing is when your voice is hoarse. “Sing O Barren”, says the good book.

Get it for the morning time, and for the evening, and for drive time, and hear it for yourself. Sing it to yourself. I promise you will feel the lift.

This is not a vain, self promotion. This is timely message. The world is bleeding, fear is spreading. Hope must trend, by all means.

I pray daily, that all I create will lift the world. “ORUN SI” is working, it is spreading.

I am more determined than ever, to use all my power to make an impact, to banish fear, dejection, depression, oppression, from my environment, and to lift people up.

Get lifted, and send it to someone else.

How shall they hear without a preacher?

Hear the sound of hope. But more importantly, be a voice of hope.

Be well.



Is Entrepreneurship For Everyone?

July 23, 2016
_MG_4045 copy

Dear Motivational Speaker, don’t sound like it’s a crime to work for someone else.

Not everyone will be an entrepreneur.

This not not an attack on motivational speaking as has been reported on some blogs. It is just an honest look at what we are selling to people as their gateways to empowerment and self sufficiency.

Entrepreneurship cannot be sold as an ego trip, or the only way to wealth and abundance. The error in this thinking can be grave indeed.

Most entrepreneurs do not realise the enormous work involved in starting and growing a business. Most are attracted by the flexible working hours and the pseudo independence that it offers, supposing that they have no accountability burden or book keeping headaches. But this is a subject for another time.

This piece is to encourage those hardworking people who wake up daily to dress up for work. That is difficult enough than for us to open up a motivational deficit for them emotionally, making it seem like they are somewhat inferior to people who own their own businesses.

I’m suspicious of the theory of greatness. Greatness is a by product of a life well lived, and it exists in every step along the ladder.

Most people we praise today just simply aspired to be useful, to answer the call of conscience and do what needed to be done, quietly. You will get some attention by wearing fancy clothes. But the accolades will come from pulling them off and getting down to work, quietly.

Let’s stop this nonsensical culture of shaming those who support enterprises in positions of employees or our dreams will be stillborn. In fact, working for others can sharpen your leadership skills. Being broadly tested as a follower could make one a much better leader.

People want to join an industry from the top. So they pay undue attention to BRANDING, forgetting to practice SERVICE. They climb on top their entrepreneurial pipe dreams and wait for kumbaya. If they’re lucky to make their first accidental million, they quickly upgrade the ‘branding’, better clothes and shoes and accessories, looking the part without settling down to do the part. They’re bosses over nothing, the C E zeroes.

This gospel of greatness could breed highmindedness. No task is unworthy of you if it lies in your path of duty, to yourself or an employer.

Let’s not breed entitlement in the name of enlightenment, or negate character by raising a generation on HIGHMINDEDNESS. I am in favor of RESIDUAL INCOME sources and the gospel of PERSONAL DREAMS, but to say everyone MUST BE AN ENTREPRENEUR is to be practically insincere.

I am often sometimes tempted to tell some so called ENTREPRENEURS to go work for a while to even be able to understand what building a dream is like. I know some incredible working class people who are inspiring and prosperous in the way they go about their jobs.

It’s not a crime to help someone build their dreams and be rewarded handsomely for it.

To those wonderful entrepreneurs who are creating jobs and raising dreams, I say well done.

And to those wonderful workers who go out daily to give a good account of their stewardship I say God bless.



Own Your Scars

July 4, 2016
Quote -1

It’s amazing how great talent can be driven by personal trauma. People see the talent. Often, pain is the fuel. This is true, at least in my experience.

There is tendency for s to over polish, over-improve our stories so much that it edits out the grits, the brunt, the authenticity. We want our story to resemble the accepted and popular ones out there. I tried it before. What happened was it weakened me, messed with my mental syntax, and it affected my results. I felt like I had nothing to contribute really, since I was then very generic. I provoked no thought, no second looks.

It is to the degree that we embrace our imperfections that we shine by them.

If life has afforded you some privilege of trauma, or pain; and it was kind to let you live through it, or even in it, be inspired to love your journey.

Own your process, you are the only voice it has. Contribute an authentic lesson to the world. Generations yet unborn need the light you lived in.

Be true to your journey. It is valid. It’s a duty.


You Are a Being of Wonder!

June 30, 2016
_MG_4015 copy

Are you exploring your own being?

Or are you just seeking documented experiences?

You’re a wonder you know. An amazing work of wonder.

You’re so intelligent you could hide things within yourself from your own self. You can choose what to remember and what to forget. You are such a class act you could re-invent yourself and create variations of your personality, each of them very convincing and each unique from the others.

You could automate several things you do daily and not have consciousness when you do them. Your muscles could store your actions and not exert you when you engage in those activities again.

You can lose weight, you can gain it.

I could take a million pages just writing about what is possible in you and still not exhaust them.

I am fascinated by the wonder that the human being is.

But this post is not about that.

This is about challenging you to go beyond the surface and really get to know yourself, accept yourself, understand your essence and live in peace and constant growth. It is also about being adventurous enough to unearth your potentials, regardless of how old or young you think yourself to be and amaze yourself with the wonder that you are.

When you come to know and receive you, you’ll find that there’s nothing not to love.

Most times we are busy working on life when we should be working on the one who’s living it. Somehow we keep trying to make “things” better rather than try to be better at things.

More than half of life’s forces reside within. What’s inside does not only determine the outcomes, it also determines what sort of life we will live.

If you don’t know yourself you could end up in the wrong fight. What happens when we use the spanner for a hammer job can happen in real life. You could have some ‘hits’, but life would feel like a consistent ‘miss’. You will feel out of place if you don’t take the time to take YOU in.

If we eliminate self-sabotage, most of life’s battles are easy to win.

You are first a vessel with its own rivers within it, before being tossed onto the sea.

So, who are you? What do you want out of life? What sort of friends do you wish to have? Where would you like to go? Now, what’s stopping you?

Take a piece of paper and dissect yourself as you would anything that fascinates you. Do this with a few trusted friends, each of you working on your own self. Get them to ask you questions and see where the answers lead you.

Have the courage to lift up your own hood and you will experience the joy of self reflection.


Orun Si Preview

June 26, 2016

Hello Friends,

Glad to share this music with you. It has been a while I released any music and just thought I’d start on a positive note. Heaven is open over all of us and doors must open too.

Stream and download full track on MTN Plus and make this your caller-tune. See link and codes in the images below.

Hope you enjoy it and that you share it with everyone you know.

Help the market! ;)



Femi_Jacobs_Etisalat_updated Femi_Jacobs_GloOrun-Si-music+ Femi_Jacobs_MTN


Money Is The Least of All Rewards

June 26, 2016

I talked to PUNCH newspapers sometime ago. Here are are a few excerpts:


A skilled actor, Femi Jacobs, talks about his life in front of the camera and other related matters

How long have you been acting?

I started acting full-time in 2011, even though I did a film, Choices and featured in two series, Tango and Tinsel, between 2006 and 2009.

you train to be an actor?

I never trained formally but I read wide and attended a lot of seminars.

Which movie would you say thrust you into limelight?

That would have to be The Meeting produced by Rita Dominic and Mildred Okwo.

What and who inspired you to be an actor and why?

Richard Mofe-Damijo was totally inspiring. When I admired Nigerian actors for the first time, he was one person I saw plainly. He had a big office, he had personality and respect. He was an inspiration and still is today. But I still wasn’t an actor. I was in business and I also had a paid job. When I wanted to become a professional, I had a little chat with Mildred Okwo. Thank God I did.

What motivates you to carry on as an actor?

I love telling stories. I like to tell human angle stories. It must be a blessing from God for us to live and learn lessons from our own journeys. Our journeys towards enlightenment must be lit by entertainment.

What are some of the challenges associated with being an actor?

It is a difficult craft to master, especially if getting to the top and staying there is your aim. The most important thing is not to underrate the work involved. The hardest part is that the character has to stay and work hard, long before the spotlight finds you. One other thing is having a money plan. Acting pays, but only after a long while. You have to figure out how to survive whilst mastering the craft and chasing professional success.

If you weren’t acting what profession would you have ventured into?

I think I’d still be in the media somehow, perhaps be a mogul while at it.

Aside from acting, what other things do you do?

I do some writing and public speaking. I also work with a couple of causes. I am a part-time musician and a creative entrepreneur with a marketing consultancy outfit.

Has being a motivational speaker been more rewarding?

I love speaking and helping people get better by telling my own stories of how I got here. Same as acting. I see no conflict or any need to seperate the two. They’re both expressions of the story- teller and are both deeply rewarding. But if you meant money, then I’d say it’s the least of all rewards in my opinion. When we see how much we can contribute to the well-being of others, monetary reward matters least.

Is the movie industry financially rewarding?

Things could be better, especially when you compare here to other more developed film industries. There could be a royalty system and back end deals, but it’s not bad at all.

What sort of acting roles do you hope to take up in the future?

I look forward to more of character roles that will get people thinking big and doing great things for the love of country. I’d like some period films as well. We have such a rich history and I wonder why we don’t make more films about them. Perhaps when the future of our country seems this blurry, maybe we can learn a thing or two from our past.

How have you been able to manage fame?

By ignoring it and expecting to be a better person. At the end of the day, it’s a job. It may have the vapour of fame, but it’s just a job. Like any other job, you’d better sink your back into it.

Do you look forward to becoming a producer and are you working on your own production anytime soon?

Absolutely. It would be a natural evolution for me.

Which of the roles you have played has impacted your personality?

This is easy – It’s Makinde Esho in The Meeting. I was still artistically impressionable. The effect was magical.

What do you think of actors who live fake lives?

What I think of them? Let us be real, there are fakers everywhere. I don’t judge. Whatever fires their monkey.

What does it take to become a good actor?

Skill ,formal or informal training, consistency and commitment to the craft, relentless curiosity to read any and every thing, and observation of life. The actor should be the most ardent student of life in all its forms.

Please read entire interview here



May 12, 2016

A good spirit travels far.

In the first instance we were born light. Our spirits were crafted with sublime virtues.

We were born to fly.  If we hadn’t learned fear, our feet would hardly touch the ground. Fear is the enemy’s biggest temptation. Fear is fake comfort. It deceives us that we are in control. It’s how we cope with the unknowns in our lives. But like all fake comforts, they steal our powers.

When we see how toxic fear is, we will see how detrimental it is to the attainment of self mastery.

So what to do? And we can’t even fight fear. We only need to let love lead. This statement worried me at a time. It seemed far fetched. But love is how we teach our spirits to be deliberate again, to seize the initiative, to take control, to take back the power from fear.

Love leaps over walls. It doesn’t wait. It moves and does good as a matter of course. Feelings notwithstanding. #selah

We must let ourselves remember who we were; who we were before fear came to knock us off our thrones.

Identity cures insecurities.

If I said “you are god” people would literally gasp. Understandable. But that’s an identity crisis. Constantly looking through the prism of experience and judging our worth by the experiences of our lives will dampen our awareness and our sense for our worth and true essence. We can’t access the crown until we acknowledge our rights.

Fear is a bastard. Some children of God are now even convinced that God is against them. Fear shouldn’t win. Fear lengthens our distance from our origin. As long as fear exists faith can’t work as well as it should. Faith is committing our outcomes to the unseen. This is the exact opposite of fear.

This is obviously not a subject for one post. I love to keep things brief. Please check back often and let me hear from you.

You’re free to fly!

Love ya’ll.











May 6, 2016

I got confession wrong.

In the earlier days of practicing my faith and getting conscious about how I lived, I thought confession meant repetitive muttering until God was convinced enough to give it to me. I thought God withheld things from me until I could convince Him with my consistency. I wasn’t alone in this error. Quite a number of my friends also thought so.155341700

Confession goes right to the heart of how man and the universe are constituted. The instrumentalities of meditation and confession are intertwined and this is the power and the only power we possess as humans to alter the direction of our lives and determine our experiences.

Everything in your life right now is being regulated by your subconscious mind, your inner man. The seat of all beliefs is the inside man; and the root of all your experiences is your belief. What you believe without question is what you will experience without opposition.

Personal transformation is totally possible through personal reprogramming. This is a powerful truth and one that you’re already practicing without awareness.

Many people are praying for their situations to change without necessarily watching what’s going on inside of them. WYD?

The person you’re trying to convince by your confession is your self. For it is impossible to take from you that which your mind has seen. Once you have grasped the promise of God and you have begun to think about it and say it to yourself, you have begun to reprogram yourself and cancel any stronghold in you that opposes your desired reality.

In you are templates and photographic negatives of all the pictures you’re seeing in your life at the moment. As in photography, once you damage the negatives, the pictures can’t remain.

You’re probably wondering how words confessed relate to pictures internalized. Well, you already “see” this. Your intellect (the knower) is the gateway to your imagination (the seer). You’re a marvelous instrument. Trust me. What you’re saying is determining what you’re seeing, on two levels – internally and then subsequently externally.

Before I close I need to tell you how it works. There can be no vacuum. You can’t just ERASE these internal pictures. No. You can only REPLACE them.

The Bible contains promises. Marvelous ones. And these are designed to help you create your alternate realities. Get a hold of them. Begin to believe and say them to yourself. Spend time daily meditating. It’s not easy nor is it automatic. It takes a bit of work. But boy are you glad when you begin to see the changes! It’s wonderful.

Say the promise till you see it.

Once that picture hits your spirit, no one in heaven or earth can stop it from coming into being.

You cannot become anything you haven’t beheld.

Love to y’all.